Exciting Visit to PHEX 2023
Exploring the Future of Plumbing and Heating


This year, our team had the incredible opportunity to attend the Plumbing and Heating Exhibition (PHEX) 2023, which took place at the iconic Old Trafford stadium in Manchester. PHEX has become an unmissable event for industry professionals, and we were especially thrilled to see Ideal Boilers, a company we work closely with. In this blog post, we will take you through our adventure at PHEX 2023 and give you a glimpse of the fascinating world of plumbing and heating technology.

A Hub for Industry Enthusiasts:

PHEX, short for Plumbing and Heating Exhibition, is a premier event that brings together manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, and contractors. The show is a dynamic platform that allows industry professionals to get hands-on experience with the latest products and innovations. This year’s event was hosted at Old Trafford, adding a touch of excitement for football fans and industry enthusiasts alike.

Discover the Latest Products:

One of the highlights of our visit to PHEX was the opportunity to explore the latest products on display. The event featured a wide range of offerings, including heat pumps, sanitaryware, boilers, and heating controls. It’s a unique chance to interact with these products, ask questions, and see how they could benefit your projects.

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Exclusive Deals and Networking:

A ticket to PHEX is more than just access to the exhibition; it’s your gateway to exclusive deals and discounts from leading industry brands. This event creates an ideal space for networking with colleagues from various sectors of the trade. Whether you’re an engineer, contractor, or supplier, PHEX fosters connections that can prove invaluable in the world of plumbing and heating.

Exploring Industry Trends:

PHEX doesn’t stop at showcasing products; it’s also a platform for staying updated with the latest industry trends. The 2023 event focused on critical areas, including the road to net zero, fittings, gas heating systems, heating controls, pipes and fittings, bathrooms and showers, and tools and instruments. The exhibition is designed to provide insights into the future of the industry, making it a must-attend event for professionals looking to stay at the forefront of their field.

Commitment to Change:

One of the exciting aspects of PHEX is its commitment to change and growth. In 2022, the organisers expanded PHEX North by adding more exhibitors, and this commitment to expansion and development is set to continue. This is great news for attendees as it promises an even more extensive range of products, services, and innovations in the years to come.

75%+ of Attendees Are Involved in Purchasing

This statistic emphasises the event's significance in the purchasing process. PHEX is where decisions are made, and deals are struck.

94% of Attendees Visit PHEX for New Product

It's no surprise that PHEX is a hotspot for industry professionals looking to discover and stay updated with new products and technologies.

70%+ Spend More Than Three Hours on Site

The time spent at PHEX reflects the depth of engagement attendees have with the exhibitions, products, and networking opportunities.

90% of Visitors Will Return to PHEX in 2023

This impressive percentage highlights the event's ability to create long-lasting value and maintain the loyalty of its attendees.


Ricky and Chris had an amazing time exploring PHEX 2023 at Old Trafford. This event, with its focus on the latest products, industry trends, networking opportunities, and commitment to growth, is truly a game-changer in the plumbing and heating industry. The statistics speak for themselves, underscoring the importance of PHEX in the calendars of industry professionals. We look forward to returning in 2023 and invite you to join us in experiencing the future of plumbing and heating at its finest. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of Ideal Boilers and the plumbing and heating industry.

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Exciting Visit to PHEX 2023