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Building solid sub-contractor relationships

These days, tasked with managing projects that are larger, more complex, and data-driven than ever before, it’s even more important to build solid sub-contractor relationships. And at HMM we do just that. We are committed to respecting Our sub-contractor’s expertise and seeking their input and innovation while also providing them with the resources, timely communications, and information they need to perform to the highest HMM customers standards. We want to ensure that we have a healthy relationship will all our sub-contractors.

On top of that, construction Mechanical and Building services remains one of the most heavily regulated industries with a need to maintain compliance at all times. At HMM we are fully regulated and trusted by our clients to provide high quality, on time projects adhering to all the correct legislation. This means that at HMM our sub-contractors need to be at the top of their game professionally, fully up to speed and industry trained.

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What is the HMM Network?

This might go without saying, but in this day and age we need to make sure that we have a countrywide network of high performing sub-contractors that are capable of working on projects when we need them too. 

Before we undertake any new project, we need to have a team of trusted sub-contractors that we can call on to perform certain tasks working alongside our own team. We need to have the knowledge that our sub-contractors have the right amount of experience or resources for the size and scope of the project and we need to know your availability. 

Additionally, keeping consistency with our sub-contractors ensuring productivity and quality metrics will help us to determine which ones are best suited to which project. And, of course, the need for new sub-contractors emerges every day — especially when we are working in new regions.  


HMM Mechanical & Building Services do things right the first time
HMM Mechanical & Building Services offer a full aftercare service

When HMM decided to work with a sub-contractor, all of their roles and responsibilities will be written into the contract. Terms and conditions will be clearly defined, including project specifications, expectations, timelines, and all aspects of renumeration and payment methods. We will also take time to review and ensure that all our sub-contractors have all the proper documentation in place for each project, including any special certifications, courses and documentation (if needed). 

Sub-contractors will be walked through all aspects of the project, the technologies and platforms used, communication practices and procedures and more. This will also include a rigid overview of safety procedures and practices.   In addition to delivering project information on a timely basis, the HMM team will make sure lines of communication are always open and that you our sub-contractors can get hold of us when you need to. We are committed to hear about your concerns and quickly address questions. We will be open, honest, and transparent we will build trust and respect with our skilled sub-contractors and increase the odds of you wanting to work with us again! We are one team!  

What can we offer you?

One of the most valuable ways, of course, to keep sending business your way is by constantly renewing work contracts. At HMM we look at ways to ensure that our customers are constantly looking to work with us and remain loyal because we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. That satisfaction ensures that we and you have a constant and steady funnel of work.

We also offer the HMM guarantee of payment right first time, every time and on the agreed date.

Rewarding our sub-contractors and keeping them happy, makes it more likely that you will want to work with us again and again and that makes us happy.

Conversely, if there are areas where sub-contractors could improve, we aren’t afraid to constructively share that information with them. Honesty is the best policy.

Being transparent and open goes a long way toward building solid working relationships with our sub-contractors.

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Additional benefits include:

Enhanced Professional Reputation

HMM is a reputable and established company in the industry, and clients value the network's expertise and reliability. By aligning yourself with HMM, you can showcase your skills and capabilities to potential clients, strengthening your professional image and attracting more opportunities.

Reliable Payment System

By joining the network, you can enjoy the assurance of timely payments for your services. This eliminates the hassle of chasing payments and provides financial stability for your business.

Increased Business Opportunities

As a sub-contractor, you can tap into HMM's extensive client base and benefit from their network of projects and contracts. This exposure can lead to a steady stream of work, helping you expand your business and increase your revenue.

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