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At HMM Mechanical & Building Services, we take pride in being your trustworthy destination for exceptional Domestic plumbing and electrical services.

With a commitment to quality and affordability, our dedicated team of plumbers and electricians ensures your home is in capable hands.

Service Coverage:

Based in Stoke-On-Trent, HMM Mechanical & Building Services proudly serves communities across Staffordshire and Cheshire. Our commitment to delivering exceptional Domestic plumbing and electrical services extends not only locally but also nationwide. From the picturesque landscapes of England, the rugged terrains of Scotland, to the charming valleys of Wales, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch solutions that transcend geographical boundaries. Wherever you are within the UK, our team of skilled professionals is ready to meet your Domestic needs with efficiency and expertise.

Domestic Services Offered:
Explore our comprehensive range of domestic services designed to cater to your unique needs:

  • Professional Plumbing & Heating Solutions: From leak repairs to pipe installations, to underfloor heating our skilled plumbers handle it all with precision and expertise.

  • Expert Electrical Services: Our experienced electricians are ready to assist you with electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance.

If you have specific requirements that are not listed above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to provide tailored solutions to meet your domestic needs.

Trusted Commercial Partner

Trusted by industry to provide a professional, competitively priced, prompt, effective and efficient service at all times.

Quality Products

HMM source only quality materials from a range of highly reputable suppliers. We ensure you have the product that you want, at the highest quality.


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Boiler Installation:
Natural Gas & LPG
Renewable Energy
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Boiler Service:
Natural Gas & LPG
Renewable Energy
Oil – Boiler

Boiler Breakdown:
Natural Gas & LPG
Renewable Energy
Oil – Boiler

Boiler – Upgrades:
Natural Gas & LPG
Renewable Energy
Oil – Boiler

Underfloor heating
Bathroom & Ensuite Installations Kitchen Installation
General Plumbing
Landlord Gas Safety check
Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Drainage Installation
Drainage Maintenance
Drainage Inspection

Fire Alarms
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Fire Alarms
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Periodic Testing
Fault Finding

Building FAQs

HMM Ltd offers expertise in designing and implementing accessibility features, such as ramps, wider doorways, grab bars, and wheelchair-accessible spaces.

Yes, we offer emergency response services to address urgent structural issues promptly, prioritising the safety and stability of the property.

HMM Ltd specialises in creating modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing kitchens and bathrooms. We offer comprehensive renovation services, including layout design, installation of fixtures, plumbing, tiling, cabinetry, and finishing touches.

HMM Ltd conducts detailed assessments and collaborates with structural engineers to ensure the feasibility and safety of alterations or extensions. We handle the design, planning, and execution of structural changes while maintaining the integrity of the existing property.

HMM Ltd provides comprehensive roofing solutions, including installation, repairs, and replacements of various roofing materials such as tiles, shingles, metal, or flat roofing systems, ensuring weatherproofing and durability.

Yes, we offer expertise in integrating smart home systems, including automated lighting, heating, security, and entertainment systems, allowing homeowners to control and monitor their homes efficiently.

Electrical FAQs

We recommend having an electrical safety inspection at least every 5 to 10 years, or more frequently if you suspect any issues. Regular inspections can provide peace of mind and ensure the safety of your household.

Yes, it’s recommended for safety and compliance reasons. Licensed electricians ensure proper installation and adherence to regulations.

Frequent circuit trips, flickering lights, burning odours, or outdated wiring are signs that might indicate the need for rewiring. A professional assessment by our experienced electricians can confirm this.

While it’s legal to do so, it’s safer to hire a qualified electrician to ensure proper installation, compliance with regulations, and to avoid potential hazards.

Upgrading to LED lighting, installing smart thermostats, using energy-efficient appliances, and ensuring proper insulation can significantly improve energy efficiency.

Get in touch with HMM to explore how we can help you be more energy efficient and save you money in the long term!

Heating FAQs

Absolutely. HMM can assess your heating system and recommend energy-efficient upgrades to improve performance and reduce energy consumption, ultimately saving you money on heating bills.

Bleeding a radiator is fairly simple! Here’s HMM’s expert step-by-step guide:

    1. Make sure the heating system is off to avoid any hot water coming out when you bleed the radiator.
    2. Locate the bleed valve. It’s usually on the side of the radiator, near the top, and looks like a square protrusion or a small nut.
    3. Put towels or a container under the valve to catch any water that might drip.
    4. Get a radiator key (you can buy one at most hardware stores) or use a cloth if the valve has a slot for a screwdriver. Put the key onto the square protrusion of the bleed valve.
    5. Turn the key counter clockwise (or use the screwdriver) about a quarter to half a turn. You’ll hear a hissing sound—this is the trapped air escaping. Keep a close eye on the valve – as soon as water starts to come out steadily, be ready to close it.
    6. Turn the key clockwise gently to close the valve once water begins to flow steadily. Be careful not to overtighten it.
    7. After bleeding all the radiators, check the boiler pressure gauge. If it’s low, you might need to repressurise the system according to your boiler’s instructions.

Remember, safety first! Always be cautious when working with radiators and hot water systems. If you’re not confident or comfortable doing it yourself, it might be best to call one of our professional plumbers on 01782 630656.

Yes, bleeding radiators releases trapped air, ensuring they heat efficiently. Our plumbers can assist if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Alternatively, take a look at our FAQs for How to Bleed a Radiator.

Unusual smells or sounds could indicate potential issues. It’s advisable to turn off the system and contact a professional for inspection and repairs.

Yes, besides maintenance, upgrading thermostats, insulating ductwork, and sealing drafts can enhance efficiency without a complete system replacement.

Plumbing FAQs

Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services to address urgent issues like leaks, burst pipes, and clogged drains. Our team is available round the clock to provide prompt assistance.

Low water pressure can result from mineral build-up in pipes, leaks, or issues with the municipal supply. A plumber can diagnose and fix the cause.

While they might provide a temporary fix, chemical drain cleaners can damage pipes over time. Professional snaking is more effective.

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