Introducing Tom Hope-Pickin

Energising HMM Building & Mechanical’s Electrical Division

Tom Hope-Pickin


We’re super excited at HMM Building & Mechanical as we  proudly announce the latest addition to our team. Our Electrical Commercial and Domestic  Division is expanding, and we are thrilled to welcome Thomas Hope-Pickin as our new Director who was recently featured in an article on the Daily Focus. At just 27 years old, Tom brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective that will energise and lead our newly expanded Electrical Division to new horizons.

Tom’s journey in the electrical industry began with an apprenticeship at Concept Advanced Technology Ltd in Northwich, where he honed his skills in various areas, including security and access control systems. He then moved on to industrial and commercial electrical engineering at Railway Electrical Services in Ilkeston, further enriching his knowledge base. Tom successfully completed his apprenticeship at 3R Projects in Newcastle-under-Lyme, but after welcoming the birth of his son, he decided to take a bold step towards self-employment to be closer to home.

During his time as a self-employed electrician, Tom collaborated with HMM on a project in Christmas 2022. Impressed by his dedication and expertise, HMM approached Tom to lead a critical project. Tom seized the opportunity with enthusiasm and is now determined to make HMM the premier electrical service provider in Stoke and Staffordshire.

Tom brings a versatile skill set acquired through his apprenticeship, giving him the confidence to tackle any project. His vision for HMM’s Electrical Division is to foster innovation, excellence, and unmatched service delivery.

Chris Holland, Director at HMM, praised Tom’s appointment, stating: “HMM’s appointment of Tom as the Director of Electrical underscores its commitment to growth and excellence. Tom’s NAPIT certification empowers him to self-certify his work, ensuring seamless project execution. HMM looks forward to Tom’s expertise opening up new horizons for the company.”

Tom is also known for his customer-centric approach and plans to enhance existing customer relationships. His extensive clientele is set to benefit from HMM’s expanded services.

Tom has set clear short-term and long-term goals for the Electrical Division, explaining, “In the short term, within 12 months, I aim to have 1-2 dedicated team members that will help underpin the projected growth of HMM Electrical, while in the long term, I envision the division out-tendering, employing 5-10 skilled professionals, which will enable me to focus on the overarching growth of the company.”

The entire HMM family is excited to welcome Tom aboard and is confident that his leadership will propel the Electrical Division to new heights.

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