Restoring History at Westwood College

In August, HMM Ltd responded swiftly to a distress call from Westwood College, nestled within the historic grounds of Westwood Hall, a 17th-century site once lived in by renowned Potters, the Davenport family. A severe storm had caused a tree to topple, damaging a section of the school building’s roof overnight.

The secondary school urgently sought immediate assistance to address the issue until insurance matters were resolved, requiring both a temporary fix and a comprehensive quote for remedial repairs. HMM sprang into action, quickly understanding the importance of preserving the architectural integrity of this cherished institution.

The result of HMM’s thorough craftsmanship and attention to detail was a transformed roof, seamlessly aligned with the building’s unique historical style. The careful preservation of heritage elements, combined with modern restoration techniques, ensured not just a repaired roof but a testament to the commitment to preserving Westwood College and restoring it to its former glory. At HMM, we’re dedicated to blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary solutions, ensuring historical landmarks such as Westwood College continue to stand the test of time. Should you need any repair or restoration work, please get in touch and one of our friendly team members will assist you.